Handling your company’s payroll service can be that nightmare you can’t escape from , becoming more tasking as the institution grows. The complexity of payroll operations had hitherto made it unprofitable to some payroll firms, cost intensive for client companies and not a favourable experience for employees who had payroll issues. This is unconnected to the porting of many accounting firms and payrol bureau from the old regime to cloud payroll services. The easier, flexible and less time consuming features of cloud based payrolls is not to be ignored by clients and payroll service providers alike.


With the advent of cloud payroll computing, the era of data loss is as good as gone. Here, there in no need also for backup as it eliminates the tendency of natural disasters to tamper with your payroll data. It is not exaggerated to say too that cloud based payroll is safer than on-premise servers. If there is any need for the payroll data, it can be downloaded to your PC  anytime.


On a cloud based payroll platform, employees can access their HR and payroll information anytime, anywhere via the self service portal. Using their mobile devices or PC, these employees can also update their information and submit holiday requests. This frees up time for the HR staff and also for the company, who deploys them to other productive units.

For the client company, access and control of their information never got better than this. 24/7 their information is just a click away , allowing them edit information and add new employees, view reports and approve leave requests.


Many companies have a dedicated in-house payroll team. With the advent of cloud based payroll, this is unnecessary given that their work can be done easier and less costlier by the cloud based payroll firms. Also, other companies had to pay huge amounts on payroll outsourcing, no doubt cloud based payrolls will help save up some funds for the business. The in-house payroll team and HR staff who were dedicated or used most of their working time to input and resolve payroll issues, can be moved to other departments. It also frees up desk space, overheads, inventories and cost of maintaining the servers.


Cloud based payroll enables you synchronize  your payroll system with other applications and software programmes that your business uses. This basically streamlines all these related processes and saves the time used in sending payslips to employees, payroll reports to client firms, duplication ofwork  and handle other related issues. Here, when a new employees details are loaded or changes are made to existing data, it reflects in the other softwares.


The payroll world is moving from the normal payroll procedures, with foresighted businesses keying into the idea of cloud payroll services. The efficiency, information accessibility and cost effective perks it presents are too conspicuous to be overlooked. Looking for payroll outsourcing firms that will offer you cloud based payroll services?, checkout

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